Today March 3rd 2012


Yes today we have a meeting, where we need to have our answers answered! There are a lot of What if’s out there so if you own your home or rent, you may want to step up and say what’s on your mind. After today’s meeting I will come back and update this information, that so many people who can’t get out to come, or they have work etc.

UPDATE: We had good coffee and good conversations, before the meeting. I started off with the minutes from our last meeting,and the treasurers report. We talked about the minutes about the sewer system, how the price has climbed so high from $225,000 to over $493,000 almost a half a million dollars. I also talked about the auction on the 29th, up by Cleveland. This should be interesting, when all this comes together, and we learn more of who the owner will be.

I was excited from a meeting today on the open house at the TWP. administration building. I’m in contact with Lowes to come to the open house and display there products on a safer home and what they have to offer. They will be having drawing for give aways, and food will be given out. We will have the opportunity to visit the inside of the police station of what they have for our safety, from print screening, seeing the holding tanks where they hold up to eight hours. You may be able to talk to the dispatcher, and see fire trucks and the emergency truck. You can even visit with some of the people who run the TWP. This will all happen on April 14th starting at 12;30 PM. mark your calendars. This is a good communications for the family as a get together.


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