Meeting on Saturday March 31


Bring your neighbor to the meeting, we have a lot to talk about. A free Murder Mystery Hosted by Liberty Neighborhood Watch, Lowes will be there with several interesting samples and a give away gas grill etc., snacks games prizes. You want to be there for a chance to win, or maybe on Murder Mystery.

Don’t forget the Auction that was on Thursday.

UPDATE: We had a very good turn out. I talked about the auction where Vintage Village went for $999,000 per the Tribune and Chartwell Group. I was told to stay away from the auction that it was a closed auction, and there would be extra security guards there. I’m hurt, and sad that Robert Greenwald feels this way.So we must move on because the auction was open. The court has to approve the sale so maybe Monday or Tuesday we get the approval of sale. I said; that this was a relief to see we will soon have a new owner between 30-90 days.
I also talked about the Liberty Twp admin. building we will have a murder mystery, you don’t want to miss this that is planned for April 14th starting at 12:00 noon. There will be prizes, games and refreshments. Lowes will have a drawing for a new grill. So mark your calendars.
We had a statement made from Mike and Adam about someone spreading rumors about them being abusive to kids, and other names I do not want to put in print. This all must stop! We all live here, and for us to make it in here we must work together. I know that our meetings, nothing like that has ever been mentioned. Mike and Adam I’m so sorry people can talk like that, without knowing you. Lets hope that we can move forward. I had just mentioned at the meeting how hard Mike and Adam has been working they are on their second dumpster good job Guys.


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