April 21 Meeting


Don’t forget meeting at 4:00 pm. see you all there. If you have questions for our new owner let’s make a list, so we have down on paper of what to ask, when he closes on the park. You may call or give me your list, if you can’t make the meeting.

Update: I haven’t up dated because my wife and I have been sick cold and bad cough. That’s ok we will survive, Marry and Loretta handled the meeting on Saturday I gave them an agenda for some info. St. Paul in Warren is having a free bike rodeo, the review paper is looking for reporters. A copy of the tribune on our new owner. The neighborhood watch and what it really means, and Mary wins the gas grill give away from Lowes. Good going Mary. Also on the 25th they should be taking water meter reading so check your numbers.
The new owner Vince Naska called me around 9:10 on Thursday evening telling me of a phone call he received from someone told him that he hired me as Manager, and he asked them how did you get the number. He was kind of laughing because they said; that I gave them his number. After he talked to me a few days before stating not to give out his number. and I agreed. I told him, I will work with you, not for you! So I said; we never talked about me being a manager. So that ended it,sorry for some of you wish I was the manager. SO PLEASE DO NOT CALL HIM HE HAS ENOUGH TO DO NOW TO GET THE CLOSING DONE!


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