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Meeting on Saturday June 02, 2012

May 31, 2012

Yes we have a meeting on Saturday at 4:00 PM. bring your neighbor. I will update after our meeting to let the people who can’t make it, know on what is happening. thx. Jim

Rules for Manufactured home laws and rules

UPDATE: The first thing I talked about was the LAW 3701-27-26
(A) Each manufactured home park constructed after June 30, 1971 shall set aside and provide suitable recreational space which residents can use for recreational purposes consisting of not less than five per cent of the gross manufactured home park area.
(B) When provided, recreational facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and COMMUNITY BUILDINGS shall meet all applicable state and local laws and regulations and shall be appropriate for the intended use. Such facilities shall be properly operated and maintained.
(C) Boats and recreation vehicles shall not be stored on the individual manufactured home lot. Each manufactured home park operator may designate an area for parking boats and recreation vehicles which may be considered as not more than twenty-five per cent of the required recreation area.
Then I talked about the law. 3701-27-27
(A) All manufactured home park buildings, lots, streets, walkways, and other facilities shall be maintained in a condition satisfactory to the licensor at all times.
(B) Domestic animals or house pets shall not be allowed to run at large or create a nuisances in manufactured home parks.
(C) Insects.
(1) When flies and other insects are present, all windows doors and other openings to the outside of the outside of a manufactured home park buildings shall be screened or other effective means provided to prevent the entrance of insects.
(2) The manufactured home park shall be kept reasonably free of flies and mosquitoes at all times.
(D) Manufactured home parks shall be free of rats and mice. Whenever conditions in the manufactured home park provide harboring for rats and mice, the operator shall immediately remove such conditions in a manner satisfactory to the licensor.


New Life Church

May 23, 2012

It’s that time again! The Sing Along is May 26th. at New Life. Snacks and fellowship start at 6:00 pm, 6:30 is the mini concert, and the Sing starts at 7:00.
We hope to see you there. Kay and Ernie
Directions: Head south on 1193 to the lights at Tibbetts Wick road turn left follow-up to the church on the left New Life Church. Sing along with the old gospel songs or just listen.

Meeting May 19th 2012

May 16, 2012

It’s that time again, yes we have a meeting at 4:00 PM. I hope to see you all there. Oh by the way bring a neighbor.
Did anyone see the two men, walking the roads, they were measuring the roads. I did talk to one of the men, he was also a partner of our owner, which also makes him our owner also. I will talk about him on Saturday’s meeting. thx.

UPDATE: Well we had a good meeting a good social before the meeting. Then we started after the secretary report. I brought up some of the information about our new owner. He owns a management company and several people invest into it. So this man who was out walking the park, they were measuring the roads. I stopped and talked to him and he gave some information. He said; that they should be in here between June 4th to the 24th and they will be working on re-doing over some of the homes, working the sewer system, and so much more. He said that he was a partner with Vince. He also said; they will come to one of our meetings and let us know what to expect, and answer questions. He will call me and let me know when this will happen, this could be just a special meeting.

Advisory: door to door marketing scam

May 5, 2012

Advisory: door to door marketing scam
Hi Jim Haynie,

The Liberty Police Dept is warning residents about an apparent door to door scam. Received several reports of people attempting to sell magazines for Wounded Warriors Project. The alleged scam artists provide a receipt from Absolute Marketing in Georgia. If you are contacted by a door to door salesperson, and they cannot furnish a township permit notify the police.
Contact Information:
Marisa Migliozzi

Meeting Today 5/5/2012

May 5, 2012

Yes; We have a meeting today at 4:00 and the coffee and tea will be on.I also have a meeting at 12:30 at the Twp. to bring back info.for our meeting. See you all there!!!!

UPDATE: We started off with coffee and tea, I opened the meeting with the Secretary report of our last meeting when I was sick, and the Treasure’s report. An issue was brought up of the unsafe car up on jacks, and it needs a motor, per the rules no major working on cars, minor repairs have been accepted in the past, but no major repairs. Several people are concerned of when will the closing take place. We still no answers from the receivership of all of the thiefs from the air conditioners removed from the homes, of an awning being taken, plus the break-in’s on Kris, plus Paul Griffin’s RV. Some people feel the park should be liable for his lost. He was told to remove it from up front by the recreation hall, to down back on Kris. Maybe it’s time to see the new owner of installing camera’s that will go directly to the police station, or maybe have this gated property. There are rumors going through the community, of changing over our recreation hall over to the Managers office, that really has to be a very bad idea. Let’s hope that is all that is a rumor, our people need that place on what that was attended to be, where our people can come together for meetings, and to be used for special occasions, for birthday parties, etc. Let’s bring it back for our people. Many of you have ask me who we send our money to now, and I said; we keep sending the same as we having been doing until we get a notice of a change. The neighborhood watch of of Liberty Twp. has appointed me as their Vice President, they said; I was already doing the job just need to make it offical. I need your feed backs on your thoughts. Either send me an email or call me at 330-539-9004 or email at or click on leave a comment.