Meeting Today 5/5/2012


Yes; We have a meeting today at 4:00 and the coffee and tea will be on.I also have a meeting at 12:30 at the Twp. to bring back info.for our meeting. See you all there!!!!

UPDATE: We started off with coffee and tea, I opened the meeting with the Secretary report of our last meeting when I was sick, and the Treasure’s report. An issue was brought up of the unsafe car up on jacks, and it needs a motor, per the rules no major working on cars, minor repairs have been accepted in the past, but no major repairs. Several people are concerned of when will the closing take place. We still no answers from the receivership of all of the thiefs from the air conditioners removed from the homes, of an awning being taken, plus the break-in’s on Kris, plus Paul Griffin’s RV. Some people feel the park should be liable for his lost. He was told to remove it from up front by the recreation hall, to down back on Kris. Maybe it’s time to see the new owner of installing camera’s that will go directly to the police station, or maybe have this gated property. There are rumors going through the community, of changing over our recreation hall over to the Managers office, that really has to be a very bad idea. Let’s hope that is all that is a rumor, our people need that place on what that was attended to be, where our people can come together for meetings, and to be used for special occasions, for birthday parties, etc. Let’s bring it back for our people. Many of you have ask me who we send our money to now, and I said; we keep sending the same as we having been doing until we get a notice of a change. The neighborhood watch of of Liberty Twp. has appointed me as their Vice President, they said; I was already doing the job just need to make it offical. I need your feed backs on your thoughts. Either send me an email or call me at 330-539-9004 or email at or click on leave a comment.


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