Meeting on Saturday June 02, 2012


Yes we have a meeting on Saturday at 4:00 PM. bring your neighbor. I will update after our meeting to let the people who can’t make it, know on what is happening. thx. Jim

Rules for Manufactured home laws and rules

UPDATE: The first thing I talked about was the LAW 3701-27-26
(A) Each manufactured home park constructed after June 30, 1971 shall set aside and provide suitable recreational space which residents can use for recreational purposes consisting of not less than five per cent of the gross manufactured home park area.
(B) When provided, recreational facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and COMMUNITY BUILDINGS shall meet all applicable state and local laws and regulations and shall be appropriate for the intended use. Such facilities shall be properly operated and maintained.
(C) Boats and recreation vehicles shall not be stored on the individual manufactured home lot. Each manufactured home park operator may designate an area for parking boats and recreation vehicles which may be considered as not more than twenty-five per cent of the required recreation area.
Then I talked about the law. 3701-27-27
(A) All manufactured home park buildings, lots, streets, walkways, and other facilities shall be maintained in a condition satisfactory to the licensor at all times.
(B) Domestic animals or house pets shall not be allowed to run at large or create a nuisances in manufactured home parks.
(C) Insects.
(1) When flies and other insects are present, all windows doors and other openings to the outside of the outside of a manufactured home park buildings shall be screened or other effective means provided to prevent the entrance of insects.
(2) The manufactured home park shall be kept reasonably free of flies and mosquitoes at all times.
(D) Manufactured home parks shall be free of rats and mice. Whenever conditions in the manufactured home park provide harboring for rats and mice, the operator shall immediately remove such conditions in a manner satisfactory to the licensor.


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