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Abandon homes in Warren

June 25, 2012

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June 14, 2012

Intimidation? Are You Being Intimidated?

Intimidation plays a big role in the strategy of some community owners. But why do they do it? Here is the definition of “Intimidation.”
1. To make timid; to fill with fear.2. To coerce or inhibit by or as if by threats.
Intimidation implies the presence or operation of a fear-inspired force.
The synonyms are: brow beat, bull doze, bully, coercion, threatening, demoralizing.
These verbs mean to frighten into submission, compliance or acquiescence.
Intimidation is:
· Threatening to use power or control to get others to do what you want them to do.
· Using coercion or force to get what you want from others. Making others
feel like you are more powerful or forceful than what you really are.
· Wearing a mask of being ‘untouchable’ so that people keep an emotional distance from
you and yet do for you what you desire.
· Using verbal and non-verbal cues to let others know you are not going to
reward any unfaithfulness to what you desire them to do for you.
· Using verbal, physical, sexually or emotionally abusive behaviors to get
people to ‘stay in line.’
· Using physical size, statute and strength to get others to respect and obey
· Using punishments such as seven-day notices or threats of eviction. Using quick temper,
anger or rage to get people to do what you want.
· Acting in such a way that no one would dare question or stand up to you over any of your decisions, opinions or directives.
· Using money, wealth or status to put others into their place so that your power over them is secured and not questioned.
· Keeping others loyal to you by threats of pulling back your support, love,
caring, interest or approval of them.
Using dictatorial, “Gestapo,” or autocratic behaviors to get people to do what you want. The affects of intimidation of residents in manufactured home communities are obvious. Residents are afraid. They are afraid of making the manager upset, afraid of retaliation and ultimately afraid of being evicted. They don’t dare question what management says or does. They don’t dare “make waves.” They try to live “under management’s radar.” In essence, they submit to the will of management. The management’s goal is then realized.

So what should residents do?
1. Don’t go it alone. Management wins as long as you go it alone.
Remember the saying “Divide and conquer”? That’s exactly the strategy
of management. As long as it’s one on one with management,
management always wins.
2. Knowledge is Power. Understand your rights. Understand management ‘s
reason for eviction. Know when you are being intimidated.
3. You are first a human being. We are all Americans.
4. Managers can’t take your power. You have to give it to them.

But the first thing to do is start
talking with your neighbors and friends. We also need your support.

Meeting on Saturday 6/16/2012

June 13, 2012

Yes; we have a meeting on Saturday at 4:00 PM. come and bring a neighbor. It seems that people are out after curfew. I will have some info on it time for a change.E

UPDATE: We had a good meeting in that very hot day. I had talked to our new owner twice this week and really didn’t get much out of him. One thing for sure is that there is a meeting this week with the health Dept. I was told that he would be there, along with Jodi Stoyak our trustee. I talked about the old homes out front that will be moved soon I hope! I don’t know yet there full intentions on our community we all need to come together again so we all hear the same thing.

The Tribune meet and greet

June 12, 2012

Additions:For those who are interested, the Tribune is scheduled to have a Meet and Greet with Liberty residents on June 16, 6:30 at the township Adm. Bldg. They want to hear from you and I think some of us have comments regarding a certain cartoon which should be made.

Large Garage Sale: 4783 Ardmore Ave, Liberty, Saturday June 16 and Sunday, June 17 and 9 am to 5 pm.

Liberty Twp Meeting 6/11/2012

June 11, 2012

Liberty Township Trustee Meeting, 6/11/12 All trustees were present. There was no correspondence. The Fire Department and the Police Department will be below. Roads Department are still sweeping, patching and cutting weeds. They are also scheduling the mosquito spraying. Zoning Department, had 13 zoning permits requested last month, and the total zoning fees were $817.80. June Smallwood, Special Projects Director, said Music in the Park will start this coming week, OPEC will be giving a discount on the gas rates, everyone should be receiving a letter in the mail regarding this change. You may also receive offers from other gas companies. Please review these carefully as every household may be different. There is no single way to tell if you were getting a better deal. Check your bills, carefully. Relay For Life, made a total of net $108,000 this year. The township has received a $5000 mini grant for Senior Watch. Three new firefighter/medics were hired at $10.50 per hour, no benefits. Names and addresses are on file. There were no objections to approving a liquor permit for Rotelli�s . Three addresses were added to the nuisance list. Participation in the Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program for the coming year was approved. There were no comments from the floor on the agenda items or general items. The transformation of the Dispatching Dept continues as designed. No problems. Hubbard also considering this change. Meeting was adjourned.

SAFETY FORCES What have they been doing. The answers are important. These facts And figures. Not only tell you what they have been doing, but they are an accurate picture of what�s going on in our community now. Please look them over and see how busy they are and how times have changed. The world we live in is indeed a great deal different than most of us remember it. Please check the figures below, and if you see, a firefighter or policeman, tell them thanks for all they are doing for us 24/7.

FIRE DEPT: Outside fire loss 3, trash/rubbish 1, brush grass 1, TOTAL fire loss 5. EMS calls 124, MVA 9, burning complaints 8, other service calls 21, false calls 4, mutual aid given 2, haz met response 1, mutual aid received 5, odor investigation 3, TOTAL CALLS 182. Mileage 3838. Fire prevention: inspection 17, re-inspections 19, demonstrations 4, investigations 31, TOTAL this month 71.

POLICE DEPT: Arrests 61, CFS 110, Citations 14, crashes 9, incidents 39, towed vehicles 10. Alarm drops , commercial 15, residential 12. Mileage 11,452. Traffic enforcement: traffic stops, 177. Those streets where traffic enforcement were present this past month were: Fifth Avenue, Keefer Road, Sampson Drive, Goldie Road, Hadley, Tibbetts-Wick, Colonial Dr., Logan Way and Belmont Avenue. Watch your speed when driving through the township. $5404 were saved by not having a third shift officer.

Please notice: Mosquito spraying, originally scheduled for Monday, June 11 has been postponed until Tuesday, June 12, weather permitting. Alexander Pest Control will spray between dusk and 1 AM. Residents may want to close their windows, keep pets indoors and not leave any food outdoors during the spraying. You may want to check your bird feeders also.

Music in the Park starts this Friday night. I will be looking for you there. Thx Gloria

TWP. News and Events

June 9, 2012

The Liberty Historical Society met for its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Turnout was a little on the low side this month. Speakers were June Smallwood, Jodi Stoyak and Police Chief Tisone. Jodi spoke about some of the tracking issues, and the new businesses opening up in liberty and highway projects that are currently in progress. Judy McGuire gave her report on the Thursday dinner date. Many people who signed up did not show up and it can get embarrassing when this happens. If you sign up please make an effort to come to the dinner or call before so that Carol can notify the restaurant. Different arrangements will have to be made for the use of the township meeting room after hours now that the dispatchers will be moved. There will be a telephone outside for anyone coming to the building and needing to talk to the police. There will be no one there after hours to open the building for these various meetings. More details on this will become available. $250 was appropriated for the Summer Program at Churchill Park. There will be a Senior Safety Summit at Kent State University on June 15. All are welcome. Windsor House will have a rummage sale on June 9. Please call them for further details regarding entrance, times, etc. There will be many items for sale and you will have an opportunity to see this facility firsthand. The Driving Program to update your driving skills will be on June 14 from 10 to 2. Please sign up for this. If you haven’t, please call Carol and do so. We need a minimum amount of people to make it worthwhile. Some insurance companies will give you a discount if you complete this program. Even if they do not, we all need to update our skills on all the new laws and many of those that we have forgotten. The society has reached out to get this program here in our own community. Please take advantage of this. I think the cost for members is $12 or $15. If this is not correct, I will let you know in plenty of time. The next dinner for members and friends will be on June 28, 2012 at 4 PM at the Downtown Cafe in Hubbard. If you have not been there, you can’t miss it, it is right on the main drag on the east side of Main Street. If you did not sign up at this meeting, call Carol or Judy and get your name on the list. It is a very nice place with good food.
Police Chief Tisone spoke at length on the scams that are being perpetrated everywhere now and that includes our community. If someone, anyone comes to your door and solicits money from you, ask for their identification and their permit. It may be best not to deal with them at all but call police and inform them that they are there, what they want, and your location. They often ask for donations under the banner of well-known charities, don’t be fooled. Along with those that the chief spoke about, here are a couple of new ones that are making the rounds:
The Package Delivery Scam, reports postal inspection service spokesperson Margaret Williams. Victims receive an e-mail that appears to be from the US Postal Service stating that a package could not be delivered. The e-mail states to click on a link in the message to arrange delivery or pickup— but clicking on this link loads a malicious virus that can steal information from the victims computer. Forward Spam e-mails to or call your police department if you get one of these. If there is a package for you the Postal Service will leave a notice in your mailbox rather than send an e-mail. Think of it. The USPS should not even know your email address. Thx Gloria for this report!

Liberty Township’s 60th Annual Children’s Summer Day Camp

June 2, 2012

Liberty Township’s 60th Annual Children’s Summer Day Camp sponsored by Liberty Wal-Mart and Little Caesar’s Pizza. The program will begin Monday, June 11, 2012 at 9 AM in the pavilion at the Park. Thousands of children have enjoyed this program for years. Many parents and grandparents of our community were day camp children themselves!

Sign up with the program will begin on Monday, June 11, 2012. The program under the direction of Mrs. Rosie Rokus Boehlke will run Monday through Friday every week through July 13, 2012 from 9 AM to 12 PM. Registration is ongoing throughout the five-week run of the program. If you miss the first day of registration, you can sign your children up any time up to the last day of Playground. Just come to the park’s pavilion at 9 AM the day you would like to register your children, ages 5 to 12. The cost is a one time fee of $25 per child. Just come & sign the first day of camp. Come and join the wonderful tradition and become a part of our 60 year anniversary! Come have fun! Parents please be sure to tag, every day, all five-year old children with their name, your name, and phone number where you can be reached at all times. Five-year-olds are not permitted in the creek. Every day we offer a variety of daily sports activities, hunting for crayfish in the creek, the chance to “ham” it up with our actors workshop, board games, craft time, story time and lots of outdoor fun. It is a great way for children to reconnect for the summer with their classmates and to make some new friendships. Children may get dirty, please dress them accordingly. Send your children with jackets or sweaters if the mornings are chilly. Be sure to label your child’s personal items with their names. Pickup time for your children is 11:45 AM. It is important that you are prompt as there is no one on-duty after 12 PM. To speed up registration please bring an index card with the following information the day you register your child: Child’s name, age, parent or guardian’s name address and phone numbers where you can be reached at all times. Please also list any allergies. We are not permitted to administer medication. The fun begins in June for more info call 330-719-0622 or 330-759-3715.