It’s meeting time Again (9/1/2012)


Our next meeting will be held at Mary’s Church the NEW LIFE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, located at 2088 Tibbetts wick near Sampson Drive. Directions are head towards Youngstown to the lights at Tibbetts Wick turn left go approx. one mile on the left. Will update during the week. You just don’t want to miss this meeting.

UPDATE: We e went directly into the problem of paying a fee for our dogs and not for cats. I had ask for us to pay for it until we can get them to give us credit. They want us to use a dog park. I had already gave my feelings about a dog park to Vince. My dogs will not use it. Dogs are funny they take control and feel it’s their terrory. Plus we had dogs that died from Parva.

There are people out there that do not take their dogs to vets for shots and etc. I’m sure we have a few that don’t have dog license. Many of us feel we have lived in here from 10 to 42 years and never had to pay for our pets.

Plus the new lease is not ready nor the new rules, they have to pass out the rules first by law and then have you sign the new lease. So we shouldn’t have to pay that fee yet. If you read the law 3733.11 3c where it reads THE RULES SHALL NOT BE UNREASONABLE, ARBITRARY, OR CAPRICIOUS. Everyone feels we pay enough lot rent we are one of the highest paying communities now. We can on and on until next month when I had already asked Vince to come to our next meeting. We need to move on.

I talked about the parade for next weekend it’s called Celebration in the Park on the 8th of September starting at 9AM to 6PM The parade will start at 9 at the Library and march down to the Liberty Administration Building there will be CAR and Motorcycle show, FOOD CONCESSIONS CRAFTERS USED BOOK SALE GAMES FOR CHILDREN. THE LIBERTY TWP. WATCH WILL HAVE A TABLE WITH HAND OUTS IN THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING. If anyone can help please let me know. Let’s stand up and show Liberty of our turn out to help. With me being Vice President of the Liberty Twp. Block Watch. I can always use help.



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