While traveling through Howland recently, a large decorative wall being built for a “Welcome To Howland” sign. As you traveled through the city of Girard, you would noticed a very attractive wall already built and landscaped with a “Welcome to Girard” sign. A picture of this is shown below. Upon inquiry, I understand that after several years of disruption on Belmont Avenue, which is finally coming to a conclusion, there are no plans for a “Welcome to Liberty Township” sign. The Liberty Business Association members discussed this omission at our last meeting and we find it difficult to understand and accept this decision on the part of ODOT.

The population of Liberty Township is greater than Girard and the property, income and taxation rates paid by our residents are also greater. I strongly believe that we should be given the same consideration as our neighbors. I ask you to email Pat Ungaro, our Administrator at the eaddress given below and ask him to investigate this situation and advocate on behalf of our community for a Welcome sign for us. Please inundate Pat with mails so that he can have a basis for his request. Look at the sign below and tell me we do not deserve the same. I am counting on all who receive this letter to make their wishes known. Please do it NOW!


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