Our October meeting


UPDATE:  Yes, we had a good meeting I talked about our community problems, and Liberty Twp.’s problems. I talked about the sewer problems we will running into, starting first of the week they will digging up Tuttle about a three-foot wide ditch going down to the sewer plant. This process will take up to 4-8 weeks to tie into the sewer system. Everyone on Tuttle will have to park on one side of the street. Let’s all work together on this, we all knew it was coming. They will also work on the front of our community removing the slag drive and to make the entrance way better and also patch the holes around the community.

As you have noticed they have remodeled many homes all ready, and are still going. They said; that they have a waiting list, from many people to buy a home in here. We still have the neighborhood watch in effect. It is all of us responsibly to keep our communty clean of drugs. That is also including the Twp. There will be a meeting on 17th of October for the Business Assoc. come and learn the Business side of the Twp. light refreshments will follow the meeting.

Liberty Twp. are still having problems on the south side break-ins and drugs, and they just had a shooting on the south side. The police are well aware of all of this, so let’s see how things will be  improve of the problems. Many residents are asking for help. There is a Twp. meeting on Tuesday the 9th of October starting at 6:30. Everyone is welcome to the meeting.


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