November Meeting 11/03/2012


Our meeting was hosted by Mary Peltz at her home. We had good coffee and some good chatter from a few good jokers. Mary gave the minutes from our last meeting at the church, and Elsa gave the treasure’s report, we need to raise money, any suggestions?  The south side of Liberty are having drug problems as we are, the chief of police recommends that we take down licence plates or even take video’s of them. Then turn them in to the police. He said; we all need to get involved and share information. If you go on and on the right side you will see an information about Crimedar just click on it and check it out it’s a google map you would have to use the arrows and go north on route 193 to Vintage Village to see what is happening in here. I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope to see you at our next meeting the first Saturday in December. Our members are still working our neighborhood watch. I have noticed that Larry Truby’s home 33 Louise a/c as been stolen, as anyone seen anything please help.


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