The Latest News for Liberty TWP.


I have been overwhelmed with work lately therefore I have not gotten off any YADAs. Hopefully I will catch up soon. In the meantime this is a time sensitive edition to inform you of the following:

On Friday, December 7, 2012, WeatherTite Windows will host the 7th Annual Christmas Party for the Rich Center for Autism and including this year The Potential Development Program.

This yearly event is held to honor the faculty, students and their families as well as bring awareness about these two great schools.

The event will be held from noon until 2:00 P.M. at Willow Creek Banquet Hall, 1135 Churchill Road in Girard, Ohio.

There will be great food, entertainment and gifts for all students and staff.  Giant Teddy Bears will be provided by D. A. Van Dam & Associates for all of the kids.


Both facilities� missions are to improve the life of individuals with autism and their families through the creation, use and enhancement of innovative educational programs specifically designed to assure the attainment of a life of dignity and to enhance the individuals� opportunities to achieve their full potentials.  The Rich Center serves as a conduit between the segments of the community concerned with autism�the Y.S.U. University, educators and human service professionals, while Potential Development  is committed to �Overcoming obstacles, building dreams and inspiring excellence and touching hearts of children since 1953�.


WeatherTite would like to invite all local media to come and join in the festivities at The Christmas Party in honor of these great kids, their families and their teachers.   We welcome you to come out, talk to the teachers and see for yourself what a tremendous contribution the Autistic Schools are making in our community.  News, video and radio are welcome and would be greatly appreciated to show the public what a wonderful group of kids we will be entertaining for the afternoon. 


For more information, please contact Merv or Marlene Hollander at



This is another one of the many charities that Merv and Marlene support in our community. Please spread the word and if you are or know of anyone in the media who could help tell this story, please do so.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Merv for all you do for so many needs


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