Yes we are having a meeting at my house to talk over some issue’s and our concerns, on how we can afford all these new prices. Let me know if you can make it. Saturday January 05, 2013

TIME: 4:00 pm.            WHERE:   1 Louise Lane

UPDATE: You can go and click on crimedar on the right hand side, and learn on the crime in Liberty Twp. One question was made are the homes being made safe by also having the homes tied down per the law? Now the big question is if we are going to be charged for the sewer bill we need it taken off our lot rent because that was tied into our lot rent. Plus we need to see if we can get the dog fee removed, we don’t plan to use the dog park. The question was brought up on these homes that was moved in here several years ago still sitting on wheels, plus the homes that was sitting on the gas lines on Craig Lane are they ok now? One home was removed and parked on Tuttle, and now just sits on wheels, and is too long to fit on a lot. We also need to look into having a lot rent control put in place, they need to be justified. We are one of the highest lot rent in Trumbull county. We will get in touch with Vince for a meeting for answers.



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