Is our Home a Home????


I found the following in our Cleveland Plain Dealer. The question I have is “How can a person/s agree that houseboats are homes without using the same logic to say that ‘trailers’ are not ‘homes?”
 Supreme Court: Houseboats are houses, not boats
 January 16, 2013 By David G. Savage, Tribune Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON — A house that sits on the water is a floating home, not a vessel, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

The 7-2 decision upholds laws in California, Washington and other states that say houseboats are governed by local laws applying to homes, not maritime law that regulates vessels.

Justice Stephen Breyer said a vessel is something that is “actually used for transportation.” It is not “anything that floats,” he added.

The high court ruling is a victory for a Florida man who parked his gray, two-story houseboat at a marina in Rivera Beach, Fla. City officials later seized it for unpaid fees and had it destroyed. Their decision was upheld under federal maritime law.

I trust that this article will support your efforts as you continue in your work to promote manufactured housing as ‘homes’ with the same benefits as a stick/brick-built home.
Russ McPherson


One Response to “Is our Home a Home????”

  1. haynie9999 Says:

    We have fighting for years to have our homes to be called homes and not trailer’s and get recognize as the same as a home, because we have different rules and laws than a home. President Jim Haynie 1 Louise Lane Girard, Oh. 44420 Home: 330-539-9004 Fax: 330-539-9004 Cell: 330-307-9004 _www.peoplesvoiceinc.wordpress.com_ ( Known as PVI

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