Meeting April 7, 2013


We have a meeting on Saturday at 3:00 pm. at the Library on 304, we need input on our next move it’s time we wake up. We are being over charged on our water and sewer, they are charging what they want. I will do what I can now, before I have surgery on my back on May 1st.. In May we will move forward. If these don’t change soon.

UPDATE: WE HAD A MEETING ON SATURDAY. It was brought out that several people are having problems with roaches. Everyone was very concern about the sewer and water prices. It was everyone opinion that we don’t need to pay for the empty homes that may be leaking, or leaks under ground. I passed out sheets to monitor our water and sewer bills and we will make issues after my surgery. I will be having surgery on my back on May 1st,it will be done as out-patient they have come along way since the old days.

Our meeting had a delay because of the electric going out we had to leave the building, until the lights came back on. So we sat outside and when I went to get up off the bench I fell down, my friends up me back up on my feet. My left leg just gave out, it is getting weaker every day. The disc is pushing on my sciatica nerve making my muscles weaker. Wish me well, and thanks for my friends that helped me to my feet. That was my 6th fall.


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