Another Note from the Chief


Another note from Chief Tisone. Please read and if you have any information please call the Liberty Police. Our police cannot be everywhere at the right place and time. They are asking you as residents to keep a lookout for problems and call them with any info. Help keep our community, our neighborhood safe. You could be their next target.

Looking for any information on a suspect vehicle from a theft that occurred on 8/2/2013 (13-4979). Suspect W/M pulled in the driveway of an elderly male and inquired about sealing his driveway. Victim paid $200 up front and the male left to get gas and never returned. Suspect is described as a W/M 6-00 185 bro bro Medium build 25-30. The male was driving a white 2002-04 Chevy pickup truck with a black tar tank in the back. Provided a fake receipt and phone number of 330.792.4563. Anyone that can advise if they have heard of any similar incidents or can get information of the suspect vehicle please pass it along. Call Liberty Police ASAP.


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