From the Chief of Police Please Read


I have just received this information from Chief Tisone, Liberty Police. He asked me to pass it on to my readers. Please read it and tell all those who do not have computers and will receive this. Many of our seniors do have them so please call your friends in our community and warn them of this. Anyone could fall for a scam like this. This one involved only property but it could have been worse. Be a good neighbor and share this. I thank the Chief for making us aware.
We had a Burglary in Austintown in which a tanned skinned male (possibly Hispanic), neatly dressed and groomed, arrived at the residence of an elderly couple advising that his landscaping company was going to be cleaning up the adjacent, undeveloped property around their property. The male requested that the couple follow him to the rear of their property to verify their property lines/pins. The male (suspect) was on his cell phone several times during the visit. This went on for approximately 15-20 minutes and ended with the male stating that he had to leave and take care of a large tree that had just fallen at another location. Said male then rushed to his vehicle in the driveway and sped off. The next day the couple notice that some jewelry was missing from a bedroom dresser and a large amount of cash was missing from an office in the basement. No signs of forced entry were observed anywhere at the residence, and nothing was left out of place.
The description of the male is: possible Hispanic male, 25-30 years of age, 5′ 10″, 140 lbs., neatly dressed and groomed, said his name was “Joe”.
Vehicle description is: newer pick-up truck (full-size, unknown make/model), gray or light tan in color, extended cab, Ohio plates (unknown numbers).
If anyone has had, or has, anything similar to this happen in their jurisdictions please forward any information to me. Call 330-759-1315 Liberty Police Thank you in advance.

Stay safe, keep your neighbors safe –thanks Chief


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