Remember Glora Lang Vote for her she will be Good


“Write In” candidate for Liberty School Board
Some of you already know what this letter conveys so if there is nothing new, please delete it. For many others this will be new. As you no doubt know by now, we have 3 openings on the Liberty BOE and only one person is running. This is shameful and terrible for our community. We have a district that is in fiscal emergency, a township that the state auditor (right or wrong) says he does not know if we can make it and now a district that no one will even run for office. Who is going to want to move here and open businesses here. Our property values will plummet and when all those thousands of vouchers are made available by the Gov, we will see an even greater exodus. Not to mention, I believe we have no one on the board to speak up for transparency and the students and the taxpayers. I have called everyone I know and no one wants to run. I am running as a write in. I may get battered and lose since I resigned but at least I can look myself in the mirror and say I tried.
I want to set the record straight. As I float this idea of running for the BOE. The response seems to be unanimous. Everyone is in favor of it but all are concerned about my health and if I should I do it. Here is my official answer.
I feel up to it and I still have some fight left in me.
I would rather leave working for my community and what I believe in than extend my time whimpering in some rest home thinking about what I should have tried to do.
I believe in transparency and open meetings where those who attend can speak up with comments and suggestions according to reasonable rules and not require early requests. This is the only true venue for the public to participate in the management and direction of our schools. I am opposed to retire-rehire. It is a short sighted inadequate solution that leaves our young people with no jobs and no futures. In the long run it does not save money. Experience is valuable but so is youth, fresh, new ideas and greater participation by the staff and public in school activities. We have school personnel in administrative positions playing checkers and just moving around the state from one position to another. Our elected officials are doing the same. It is the same O, same O. If you think this is not true, check the records. I am opposed to stipends. Spread that work out and lay off one less person. I am opposed to 6 am meetings unless it is an emergency. These positions will not be popular with many who hold these positions but in all fairness, they and the public should know What I believe and WHY.
Now you know some of what I believe. If you do not agree with me on these items or you will hold my resignation against me then I am not your girl.
UPDATE: Went to BOElections today and I was unfamiliar with the rules for “write In” candidates. I do NOT need a petition. I have officially registered and paid my fee. All that is required now is for people to vote for me as a “write in” candidate. Just touch the write in screen and a key board will appear, type Gloria Lang or Lang and touch record write in. If anyone has any questions, ask the poling person. It is very simple. I am available and will be available to answer any questions that anyone would have about my knowledge of the district or my perspectives. Please pass the word about my candidacy. Every single person that I informed about the possibility of running returned comments immediately with acceptance and such strong, kind words of support. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Thank you everyone. I will go forward. g


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