2013 General Election


2013 General Election
In passing years, the Liberty Business Association partnered with the Liberty Schools Parent & Teacher Association to offer to the public during general election years a Candidates Night. This was a success for many years but became less so do to the news and social media that is available now. We did not offer it one year and we were deluged with complaints and many thought this was an offering that was due them. We explained our position at a Trustee’s Meeting and brought it back for our last election. Unfortunately we had a grand total of 11 people show up. There were more candidates than people. It was embarrassing but we were not the only ones. Cortland had only 7 people show up. The LBA and the LSPTA will no longer offer these forums. Today we have extended voting days, longer absentee voting, early voting and by the time we have the forum, many have already voted. The LBA is exploring other venues and would welcome suggestions as to how we can assist our community to participate in our governing process.
2013 Ballot– There are 2 openings for Trustee and 3 people running for those positions. All three are on the ballot. Jason Rubin, Stan Nudell and Greg Cizmar. There are 3 openings for The Liberty Board of Education. None are on the regular ballot. There are 3 “write In” candidates running for the 3 positions. They are Carmen Faustino, Calvin Jones, and Gloria Lang. There is 1 issue on the ballot for Liberty only. A 1.25 mills additional 5 yr levy to commence in 2013 for the Road Dept.
I, hope to be elected and I look forward to serving on the board with both these gentlemen. Please allow me the privilege of commenting on the candidacy of Carmen Faustino. There have been some comments made that he is too young and inexperienced. First, whatever you think, he had the courage and the desire to better his community and he stepped forward when no one else did. Beyond that, for those of you who have forgotten or who never knew, during the first year of my first election to the BOE, I proposed that we add to our board 2 members of the student body, male and female as honorary members as did many schools such as Warren and Youngstown to give us a new and much needed dimension with regard to the feelings and suggestions of the student body. First, no one on the board believed this was being done by others and after an initial laugh, and it was discovered that this was common practice, it was dismissed. I am delighted to have Carmen in the mix and I look forward to a new outlook, a breath of fresh air and the luxury of having youth represented by someone coming on with no baggage or agenda other than his schools and community. If anything, I wish we had more of him.
Please add to you Calendar
Scrap Tire Collection Drop-Off Information
Saturday 9/28/13 & Sunday 9/29/13 8 am to 4 pm Admin. Bldg.
1315 Churchill-Hubbard Rd. Absolutely no material from commercial business, Liberty Township Residents only! Maximum eight tires per resident. Only tires off the rims will be taken.
Balance Classes Sponsored by the Girard Multigenerational Center tentative starting date Sept 21. Call the Center for details and sign up 330-545-1960
Legacy Honors Luncheon. Oct. 3, 2013. Deadline for ordering your tickets from me is Monday, Sept. 9, 2013.
Next Liberty Historical Society meeting will be on Wedn. Oct. 2, 2013 at the usual time and place. Meeting was moved up one day to allow members to celebrate the nomination of president Carol Faustino to those being honored. The Legacy Luncheon is the same day and time as our usually scheduled monthly meeting. Please note the change on your calendar.
Liberty Presbyterian Church Rummage Sale Friday and Saturday, Sept. 20 and 21. 9 AM to 4 PM. Household, furniture, computer and various. Nearly new items accepted, call church for details.
Trumbull Senior Production Company will be doing 4 shows in the coming months. Details will be shown here. Plan on enjoying these shows.

This time around remember Apollo 3, “Failure is NOT an option”.



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