YADA YADA 10/18/2013


Leopards vs Newton Falls Friday Oct. 18 Home 7:00 PM
Autumn Fest Saturday, Oct. 19 Guy Middle School for
Relay For Life 9 AM to 2 PM, Commons, HALLOWEEN PARADE
Something New. the Rodef Sholom Temple at 119 Elm St, Youngstown is hosting the Youngstown Symphony for a FREE Concert open to all at 3:00 PM on Sunday. This is a beautiful temple. If you have never been there, you should go and enjoy the building itself. Everyone knows what a great Symphony we have. All are Welcome. Enjoy!
We have an election coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 5th. PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE. This right was purchased at a very dear price. There are 3 running for 2 trustee offices and 3 running as “write in” candidates for the Board of Education. You can vote “write in” on absentee ballots also. I am one of those “write in” candidates and would appreciate your consideration and vote. If you do not know how to vote write in–your poling person can help you. There is also a levy for the road department on the ballot.
As you drive around our seemingly quiet community, there are many of our citizens working very hard to make our community a nice, safe place to call home. We owe much to them. Here are a few examples.
Our students are doing their part. Our LHS Wrestling teams worked very hard before school started to make our school campus look clean and landscaped and ready for the students’ school year. The wrestlers, under the direction of their Coach Hadi Hadi and assistant coaches came out In 90 deg. heat and worked several days to clean and spread mulch. Drive by our campus and see what a great job they did. It is important that our students be proud of their schools. This is the 2nd year these athletes have done this. On behalf of the community, I say THANK YOU. Carvell Austin, Zachary Buck, Ray Clark, Arwan Clinkscale, Alec Coman, Justin Dripps, John Falibota, Ryan Hixon, Jeremy Honthy, David Hunt, John Kloos, Austin McClintock, John Pappa, Nate Sop, John Spivey, Devan Treharn, Morgan Weinreber, James Zimbardi. I apologize if I missed any names. I thank them all.
2011-2012 Liberty Wrestling
!!!2012 Eastern Ohio Wrestling League Champions!!!
The Liberty Business Association announced the 2013 Winner of their Annual Beautification & Safety Award for business. The winner is Dr. Heyman’s office on Goldie Road. The Doctor put in much effort and money in remodeling his office and landscaping his property. It really is an asset to our community. He will receive the award at the Township Trustee meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 1:00 PM. Congratulations, Dr. Heyman!!!


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