PTA Meeting Needing Help


Please read the email below. This is urgent. PLEASE DO NOT LET OUR STUDENTS IN LIBERTY LOSE THEIR PTA. This organization is crucial to the everyday operation of all our schools. It provides the suport financially and with service for so many programs. Our young people have alreadly lost many events that are still held and common in our surrounding districts. PLEASE, I beg of you do not let them lose this and be the only school district without a PTA. I know there are many out there that are capable and I ask you to stand up now and get involved. Never mind this is your school or your community–these are your kids. PLEASE DO NOT FAIL THEM. If I can help with any contacts or questions, please contact me and I will respond as soo as possible.
The LSPTA is looking for a few parents or staff members willing to take on the roll of President or Co-Presidents for our 2014-15 school year.  The PTA provides funding for many educational and social activities throughout our entire district.  We are asking for anyone interested in taking on these rolls to contact us or your school secretary by Thursday, October 16th.  We will have a meeting on October 20th at 6pm in the LHS community room.  At that time, if we have not received anyone interested in the positions we will need to vote on Dissolving the PTA or Making in Inactive until next year until we can find someone.   If we decide to dissolve, there will be no PTA for future years.  If we make it inactive, we can only reactivate if someone steps into the position.  If not, the PTA will dissolve by next school year.  Please consider joining us to keep this organization available to our students.  Below is a list of activities that will be lost if  no one steps up:
Blott – Holiday Cookies (Halloween & Valentines Day)
Blott- Teacher Appreciation dinner
Blott – COSI
Blott – End of Year Picnic
Guy – Spider Fest Refreshments
Guy- Teacher Appreciation Dinners
Guy- Academic Competitions
LHS – Honors Luncheon
LHS – Teacher Appreciation
LHS – Boys and Girls State
LHS – Senior Breakfast (Cake and gifts)
This is just a small list of all the things that the PTA does.  Please spread the word and help us keep this going for our kids. 
Thank You

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