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.Make sure heat tapes are working, plugged in, and cover your water meter. Insulate water lines with foam pipe insulation. Place fiberglass insulation around water meter and over crock.

  1. On days or nights when the temperature outside is 10 degrees or so, LET YOUR FAUCETS DRIP INSIDE YOUR HOME. They say (Running water doesn’t freeze.) (We drip hot and cold)
  2. Check your skirting weekly. Tight skirting will prevent wind from getting under your home and           freezing pipes your pipes.
  3. Prepare your windows with plastic. We did on the inside of home to prevent drafts.
  4. If you have Jealousy (roll out) windows, use small screws outside to keep them tight.
  5. Oil all outside locks to keep them from freezing.
  6. Check your doors for drafts, install weather stripping if needed.
  7. Check snow shovels; make sure screws and rivets are tight.
  8. Keep all sidewalks, steps, and porches free of snow, and salted.
  9. Shovel on street next to sidewalk, so that the plow can see how far over to plow. If you see the plow in the park, PLEASE move your car, and tell your neighbors, so he can plow better, and not plow you in. If you don’t do this, don’t blame the plow driver, as he can’t plow over your car.
  10. Park as close to the sidewalk as possible. DO NOT Park out in the street, or with the back of your car sticking out in the street. Emergency vehicles have to get through.
  11. You park your car facing out bound, easy to get out during snow storm. Emergency vehicles have to get through.
  12. Check with utility companies for possible budget, or heap plans available.

We of Peoples Voice Inc. are only here and organized, to help the residents of Vintage Village. We sincerely hope these tips will help you get through the winter with as few problems as possible. Just remember being a member of our community Vintage Village you are a member too.

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHEN WE HAVE OUR NEXT MEETING CALL OR ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS. Every other month the next is November and just maybe December to close the year.

President Jim Haynie


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