Our Meeting from November


I just wanted to give some input of our last meeting. I had talked about so many issues in our community. There were issues of the workers not being licensed to do some of the work in here, such as the gas lines and removing red tags. One large issue was workers going on owners property and replacing a water meter or going around and putting down acid around there home without being told when they have pets. Speaking of pets; why do owners of their own homes and have to pay a pet fee. The other issues still going on is the water fee. It is in the Home Manufacture Home Park Commission laws that the owners can’t make money on utilities. Why do we pay a set fee on water and sewer, you pay so much in this bracket and it goes up to another bracket !


6 Responses to “Our Meeting from November”

  1. Leann Says:

    Why do you incessantly go on about all the “bad” in the park???? I have never once heard you compliment the park/owners on the improvements and upgrades that have been made!!!! As far as the “acid being put around homes without the owners being told…you need to get your facts straight!!! Each and every home owner has been informed that there are chemicals being put around the homes. This was not done just because he didn’t have anything better to do. The homeowner causing all the problems with the roaches will NOT allow people in the home in order to exterminate. As far as the pet fee, get over it. If you don’t like the fee, get rid of the pet. The park is not making money on utilities such as water. You use the water, you pay for the water. Simple. If you live in the city of Girard, and you do, you pay for water, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I am so sick and tired of you and all your “friends” running the park and anyone and everyone who work here or have anything to do with the park into the ground. They are all doing their jobs and doing them quite well, I might add. They are replacing the water meters due to the fact that there is not one on the property or the one that is currently there is not working. You really need to get your facts straight!!!! If you are so miserable here, then move!!! No one is holding you here and/or forcing you to stay!!!!!!!

    • haynie9999 Says:

      The info I posted is from the people in the park, I only repeat what they are saying.

    • haynie9999 Says:

      If they are charging a $15.00 water fee that is extra, I by the state law they are not allowed to make money on Utilities. Our lot is to take care of all of that. I was told they are charging everyone, plus cats and that is not true, and that it was for the reason because the renters are causing damage to the homes. Well we own our home,so we shouldn’t have to pay, and you don’t and you probably don’t pay for much either. I don’t care about that.

      • Leann Says:

        If I could make heads or tails out of what you were saying, I would respond a bit different but since I have no idea what you are talking about, I will just sit back, watch and listen because this could get quite interesting.

  2. mark Says:

    i have tried to keep out of this, but if u are accused of having bugs and wont allow anyone in your home, then you must live like a dam pig…then the only resort is acid around your home,,i cannot support anyone who has roaches, i dont have and dont want yours..other than that its not that bad of place to live, except for alot of standing water…

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