For the Person say’s I only say the bad things in the Community


Our Association was set up to say what we need to do for repairs, and issues since 2009.

Peoples Voice INC. ( PVI )
1 Louise Lane
Girard, Ohio 44420
330-539-9004 Cell: 330-307-9004 Fax: 330-539-9004

August 15, 2015
To the Residents of Vintage Village:

Are you aware that we have an association here in the community? Well we do, and there here to help with your concerns. We started back in 2009 when we could not get satisfaction from the owners. We just received our next 6 years of being incorporated with the state of Ohio year 2009.

We have meetings the first Saturday of each Month, unless a Holiday is part of that weekend, then we would meet the second week.

We have seen a great improvement with the community; since 2009. The empty homes being painted, new skirting, and a complete over haul on the inside of the home. Many residents had there homes painted and new skirting also. Skirting is very important for your home, keeping cats and other critters out, and help in keeping your home warmer.

As you have seen with the community, plus the ground keeping has been a great improvement. The grass cutting has been kept up and you can always count on a good job, even cutting on Sunday.

Some of you are new to the community, and the people that have been here for a while knows we are here for you. Just come to a meeting and see the importance of our Association. We will be posting information on our web site again at

We also have a group on face book Vintage Village it’s closed and secret only for resident adults only. I will need you name and your address and an email address, this information is only between you and me. Many others are on there letting us all know or maybe a reminder about information.

One big issue is safety for the kids, and your home, when you are away, we need your help!

President Jim Haynie Vice President Loretta Gregerory
Treasure Elsa Forsythe Secretary Mary Peltz


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