The Roads are Bad


As we all know on how bad our roads are I feel every road has those things they call POT HOLES! The last several years they say yes we will fix these POT HOLES. What do they do they fill a couple POT HOLES, some cold patch here and there. Do they know when water seeps down under the cold patch what happens. It freeze’s then that expands and just push up the cold patch.

What they really need to do is grind up the black top and re-do all the roads to fix our community right! I just went had a front end alignment my steering shaking the steering wheel, I know I didn’t want to ruin my tires so we had the tie rods replaced and they  re-align my Trail Blazer.

Now I drive very slow and take these creators very slow. They are by law to make the roads fit to travel without worry of hurting your cars. Let’s see what they do with all of their money they making. They should know to make money they need to speed some. I know many communities you ride through are not as bad as this community.


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