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October 31, 2016

I just want you all to get out and vote on the 8th. that day was very special to me, that is why I’m asking you all to get out and vote.  November 08 1968 I got of the service. I was at the airport at 8:00 a.m.on that morning. What a day! Many people ask me who I was voting for, and my response was are you kidding me. You have one choice, and I have said; this for 50 years “that we needed a business person to run our county”. Does that tell you anything. The other person is nothing but;a no good so and so for leaving four good American  Veterans behind to be massacred, Lied about her emails lied on everything.

When I worked as a merit badges for the Boy Scouts, they had to come to me to be approved for Eagle Scout. I had one question for them it was, if you had two people to chose  for a friend, would you take a lyre  or a thief. Many would chose the thief and just a few would say a lyre. The answer is a lyre you can’t trust, but a thief you know what he would do, so you can control that thief, and not the Lyre.

So lets all stand together and vote for Donald Trump!