Meeting Notice (maybe the last)


We would like to let all the People in this community know that we are ready to shut the meetings down.No one cares about the things going on in here, we have meetings so we can get together and talk about issues and solutions,but there is nothing a hand full can do.We have to stick together to make changes,People want to complain, but do not make an effort to show up for a meeting,they make promises I will be there but no shows,Jim go’s through a lot just getting a place to have these meetings at no cost to you. I’m sure if you really cared about the community you could take 1 hour out of your busy schedule to show up, Also we have tried to have get to to gathers such as sing along, raffles,food baskets,,, an it is always the same People show no interest,We are sorry to have to shut down,We are sorry people can’t get involved, but the community leave us no choice ,,,, Meeting 4/7/2017 at the Liberty Library 3-4:30 pm. If you want me to give up don’t show up!


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