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Peoples Letter

August 23, 2017

PEOPLES VOICE is a resident association working to improve the quality of life of our community. PVI We are members of your community, who like you, want to be heard. 


People’s Voice was founded in the summer of 2009 in response to various community issues. The founding idea was that a group of residents formed into an association that could better address the challenges they faced than any one individual. The group’s first accomplishment was attracting media attention to several of the park’s problems. We will post information in the mail room of upcoming events such as meeting dates and time and other important information. I Jim Haynie wanted to communicate with you just to give some information to you. You can follow us on our web site. You are not alone! If Vintage Village has information they would like to let you know about, I will post their information too. It’s always better to have good communications. So let’s all communicate with me. I usually ride through the community on my electric scooter. Oh there are two rides I’m the one on a blue four wheels.

CONTACTS: Jim Haynie 1 Louise Lane 330-539-9004 email web site

VINTAGE VILLAGE: Manager is Laurie she can be reached at 330-539-5383 and co-worker Duane is the maintenance Foreman he can be reached by calling Laurie at the office.

If you have an emergency call the Liberty Police at 330-759-1513 or 911

Our next meeting will be October the first Friday Oct.06,2017 at 3:pm.