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Vintage Village Going Crazy

April 8, 2019

Over the years since 2009 when we started our Peoples Voice Inc., many of you have been involved one way or another. A couple of you are new.. I had just signed a new lease and then I get these new rules in the mail that they want pet fees, vet record, vet photo, license receipt, and a $15.00 over 25 pounds, they will pay $25.00. There is a $200. Pet deposit for pets in park owned homes. Here is a good one! If a pet is found to be in your home and not registered a $200.00 penalty will be issued. As many of you know the weight of a dog was 25 pounds now they increase to 75 pounds.


I have been after law makers to do RENT CONTROL nothing!  The other issue is still going on you pay a certain amount that they say you owe on your water and sewer PLUS $15.00 a water service fee.  I went and paid my usual amount now I just seen I owe another $17.05 that I still owe.  My water and sewer went up, it’s been the past year always the same price. Now we have a new person acting Manager.They do what they want, and now it must stop. My has none of this in my lease.This all confusing let’s try this!


$10.00                                                                                over 25#   $25.00

Plus a $200.00 deposit (new)      and        not registered $200.00 penalty

My pets are license by the VA  for my special needs, but the other people in here need the help.