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Our March 07,2015 Meeting

March 7, 2015

Our meeting was to talk over our new and old issues. We heard from a new member tell about his problems need fixed. Nothing is being done maybe he will do an escrow.
We heard from all that was there, so we need to see if the lawyer can do anything. These issues are getting worst as it goes on and on.
We also talked about our neighborhood watch to start checking out the community.

PVI is Getting Our Meetings in new Beginning

February 28, 2015

MVC-002FMVC-003FMVC-009FOn March 7, 2015 PVI we be holding their first meeting since the cold weather hopeful behind us. We meet at the Liberty Library meeting room just before you walk into the main lobby. Vintage Village has had very hard winter, trying to keep our homes warm and free from freezing our water lines. Think of the summer maybe we will have a bigger party.MVC-005F

July Meeting

July 11, 2014


There was a news clip about a deer that went crazy it died of Rabies, so keep your eyes open any more wild animals for rabies.

Our Meeting with Jake

April 9, 2014

Elsa, Mary Sue and Jim had a meeting with Jake! He talked about all the changes he has made here in the community. The removing of all 48 homes that were bad, full of bugs and more bugs.The front entrance has change as we all see now. When the dirt dries out they will level and seed. They have brought in 3 new homes two on Lynn and one on Craig. New water meters have been installed! He plans of putting in two playgrounds and fix the basketball court. He plans to change the mail room and remove the walls and electric there, it is costing him $50.00 per month.

Our concerns were many starting with the fees,that have been imposed on us. The cost of reading the meters that haven’t been read since last year he said no. The pet fee was still an issue he said no. We also talked about the use of the old office for our purpose of meetings and other social gatherings he said no. He plans on fixing this up and sale. The homes that were sold by the past manager to up hold on her promises of fixing the problems. Many issues have been fixed. We tried to get a Grandfather clause for having our pets he said no. The damage to property when service was done to others ground damage to be fixed, he will look into this.

I brought up a House bill 422 that will be brought up real soon for a vote in Columbus to make it a law. That what ever they charge for utility’s is the same charge we get, as in the water bill for us. Electric, and gas for other communities. I have been asked by a Tim Johnson for Senator Mike Foley to help and give support and to send our concerns. I did ask for them to add a RENT CONTROL to that bill. Jake that won’t pass. I just smiled I know that there is 2.6 million people living in Manufactured home community’s. I will keep you all informed as it comes down for a vote. It is very important that we all stick together and support the PVI.

Jake had mention of having problems with homes being broken into, if caught he will send them to jail. He also ask us to get the neighborhood watch going again. He said the police will be advised to do what they can do.

Yada Yada #92

April 2, 2014

Liberty Historical Society Thursday, April 3, 2014
Monthly meeting. 9:30 am Refreshments, 10:00 Meeting. Please bring wrapped candy for the Easter Bunny on Saturday, April 12. .
Liberty Easter Bunny Visit.
April 12, Saturday, Township Easter Egg Hunt at the
Administration Building at 10 am. Bring your camera
and of course the kids.
April 10, Thursday, Liberty Business
Association Meeting at Community Room, Liberty
Library, at 6 pm.
April 14, Monday. LSPTA Meeting call or check web site for
time and details.
April 17, Thursday, Liberty Branch Library Open House,
This is National Library Week
April 17, Thursday, Friends of Liberty Library
Membership Drive at the Library.
From Liz Hill FYI per request

The Citizens for Good roads, Liberty Township held the first organizational meeting on 3/26/2014 with 25 participants. The group listened as Township Trustees Stan Nudell and Jody Stoyak explained how state and federal budget cuts have decimated funding for road repairs. While Township Administrator Pat Ungaro has been successful in grant writing for road repairs, these grants require matching monies and there are no local funds right now to make the match.

The Township has created a list of roads that need re-surfacing in the next several years. There are 60 miles of roads in the township and some of the most critical include, Tibbett�s Wick, (cost $152,273), Keefer ($177,355), Naylor-Lloyd ($136,670) along with many more roads. In addition to re-surfacing, the township must still budget for salt, hot patch and cold patch.

Currently 16 township residents have signed up to work to get the information to residents about the need for this levy. The levy will be on the May ballot and will cost a homeowner with a $100,000 home about 12 cents a day.

The committee is actively seeking additional residents to help with this project. It was clear the only way the roads in Liberty can get re-surfaced is by additional levy funding. Help is needed to make phone calls, distribute flyers and place signage. Those interested in helping should contact the township at 330-759-1315. Information will be out soon on the next meeting date.


March 20, 2014

YADA YADA # 92 3/19/14 EVENTS

Welcome Spring Event
Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast
This means Spring is here. Get there enjoy the good food and company. It is their only fundraiser and they really work at it. Be there for the ones that are there for you!!!!!
Sunday, March 23, 2014 Guy School, 8 am to 2 pm.
$5 adults and $3 for children. tickets at the door.
See you there!!!
Get your Girl Scout Cookies–Corner of Loganway and 304, after school.


Liberty Community

February 21, 2014

Liberty Open Lines
Liberty Open Lines Vol. 2014 #7 2/21/14


Liberty School District Board of Education
regular meeting
Monday, Feb. 24, 2014 at 5:30 PM
in the Community Room at LHS
will be a
Joint Meeting with the Fiscal Commission.

Check web site

Our Next Meeting

February 5, 2014

We will be meeting the first Saturday in March at 3:00 pm. at the library. We have alot to talk about. Please join me we you in puts, we need everyone to give.

Meeting for December 2013

November 14, 2013

Yes we will have a meeting at the Library on December 7th at 3:00 pm. As we go into the winter please remember to check your heat tape is plugged in.

Meeting Notice

November 1, 2013

We have a meeting at the Library at 3:00 on Saturday 11/2/2013. See you all there.